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Country Schoolhouse
Country Schoolhouse began 14 ½ years ago in a very small storefront in Enfield, CT. At that time, we were only able to give classes, but a short time later, we rented the vacant store next door and went through the wall. We started selling supplies and lots of neat surface items. It wasn't long before we needed more space, so we moved to a small plaza about a mile away. National teachers started teaching that year and we have been growing ever since. In April of 2004, we moved the business to the old "Broad Brook Opera House" in the quaint village of Broad Brook, CT. The business had a new studio and came complete with a gift shop called "Checkerberries," a unique, country primitive gift shop chock full of needful things. As of January 2006, we have come full circle. Country Schoolhouse will now operate again out of a home studio and will continue running weekly classes, seminars, and weekend workshops for beginner to advanced decorative painters.






265 Windsorville Rd
Ellington, CT 06029
Phone: 860-875-2899


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